Vera Zakem

CEO, Zakem Global Strategies

Vera Zakem is an accomplished leader, working with  governments, industry, and nonprofit organizations to achieve impact at the intersection of technology, global policy, growth, democracy and human rights, and social impact. She is a recognized expert on disinformation and resilience, democracy and human rights, cybersecurity, corporate social responsibility, and responsible innovation in the U.S. and Europe. 


In addition to founding Zakem Global Strategies, Vera is also a Senior Technology and Policy Advisor at the Institute for Security and Technology. She is also a member of the Task Force to Strengthen Democracy and Counter Authoritarianism globally. Vera previously led strategy and research at Twitter, leading and scaling initiatives to serve the public conversation. Before entering the tech sector, she spent many years leading foreign policy strategy, research, CSR and social impact, and policy development for various organizations in Washington, DC, including the CNA Corporation. 


Vera has been featured in the New York Times, BBC, CNN, Foreign Policy, War on the Rocks, NPR, Medium, and Working Mother Magazine. She has conducted a radio tour across 20 stations in America, educating listeners about how to identify and combat disinformation. 


As a working mom and a member of various leadership councils and boards, she is an ardent champion of diversity and inclusion in industry and public institutions, and is passionate about elevating women from all backgrounds in all sectors of society, and addressing the digital divide in our society.